Euerle is 68th Princess Kay


Euerle is 68th Princess Kay

The new Princess Kay of the Milky Way aims to find common ground with consumers as she advocates on behalf of the dairy industry.

Anna Euerle, a 19-year-old college student from Litchfield, Minnesota, says she hopes to connect through the kitchen.

“I love to cook, bake, and do anything that makes somebody’s stomach happy. So whether it’s sharing some of my favorite recipes or talking to someone at the grocery store, I’m just really excited to connect with people over some of our great products.”

Euerle grew up on an 80-cow Holstein dairy farm and tells Brownfield she takes great pride in representing the nearly 2,500 dairies across the state as the 68th Princess Kay.

“The dairy community has shaped me into the young woman that I am today, and I wouldn’t be sitting here as Princess Kay of the Milky Way without any of them. So to be able to represent them for the next year is just beyond my wildest dreams.”

Brownfield interviewed Euerle during the first day of the Minnesota State Fair as she sat in a rotating cooler in the Dairy Building having her likeness sculpted into a 90-pound block of butter.