Animal health company using cutting-edge technology


Animal health company using cutting-edge technology

A leading animal health company is partnering with cutting-edge technology companies to advance research and innovations.

Randolph Legg, president of Boehringer Ingeleheim, says they are working with a quantum computing company to accelerate research. He says typical research takes a long time.

“You need, obviously, clinical trials and certainly data and outcomes that are predictable. But if you could do a lot of those screening mechanisms ahead of time it could really accelerate the probability which we know, we see much more failure than we do success in the area of drug discovery.”

Legg says they are also partnering with artificial intelligence company Lifebit Biotech.

“It’s a long-term partnership that looks at the detection and early reporting of global infectious disease outbreaks using artificial intelligence.”

Legg joined other animal health company leaders on the digital Animal Health Summit this week hosted by the KC Animal Health Corridor.