$3.5 trillion budget moves with promises of infrastructure action


$3.5 trillion budget moves with promises of infrastructure action

On Tuesday the U.S. House passed the $3.5 trillion budget resolution on party lines.

Moderate Democrats sealed the vote by adding a provision that calls for an infrastructure vote by the end of September.

The budget is expected to provide new clean energy incentives along with conservation funding to help farmers reduce emissions. 

Draft language from the House Senate Ag Committee will cover conservation, forestry, research, and other priorities while the Senate Ag Committee will address child nutrition programs. 

Ranking Member of the House Ag Committee Congressman Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson is opposed to the measure, saying the resolution opens the door for massive tax increases on small businesses and families while adding trillions of dollars to the national debt. 

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, a Missouri Republican, says the bill is a step toward socialism as it allocates billions for Green New Deal mandates, expands government programs, raises taxes on American businesses, and provides amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Democratic House Ag Committee member Jim Costa of California says he’s proud to see commitments made on an infrastructure bill in the measure along with providing additional resources to fight the effects of climate change among other priorities.