MU silage breakeven price guide


MU silage breakeven price guide

A new guide helps farmers determine corn silage breakeven prices.

The University of Missouri guide is available to all farmers and ranchers and Extension Ag Business specialist Joe Horner tells Brownfield Ag News there are about 15 variables and it’s easy to use…

“You don’t have to be a spreadsheet jock to use it. It’s pretty straight forward. It’s the price of corn, it’s the basis, it’s the corn combining costs from custom rates. And we’ve got some plugged numbers in so you basically validate or change to fit you on your cost of nutrient removal and those kind of things.”

He tells Brownfield the silage guide is designed for crop producers who are interested in what a ton of silage is worth when they chop it out of the field – and – for livestock producers who want the price for a ton of dry matter delivered, “And that accounts for changes in dry matter that we see. He has to account for storage losses and that can be a huge range and we’ve got a little pick list with different storage losses for different storage structures.”

Horner says, most often, price is determined on wet basis and right now silage priced in the field might be closer to seven times the price of a bushel of corn instead of the general eight-to-10 times.

MU silage price guide