Ice cream sales up at MO State Fair as full fair returns


Ice cream sales up at MO State Fair as full fair returns

The manager of the Gerken Dairy Center at the Missouri State Fair says the amount of ice cream served this year is up from the 2019 fair at around 3,000 gallons.

Stacey Dohle with Midwest Dairy tells Brownfield the center has become a staple of the fair and a place for everyone to come together.

“From our beef exhibitors to our dairy exhibitors, but then also the sheep and hog folks and the goat people, I mean, they all come over and it is a family tradition,” Dohle said.

She said many fairgoers come just to see the annual butter cow sculpture which had a twist this year by first time state fair butter artist Angela Wise.

“She took a picture from 1910 that was taken here at the Missouri State Fair of a young man showing his club calf, so she has a young man showing a dairy cow, an old-fashioned dairy cow I might add,” Dohle said. “And so, we wanted to show the evolution from the 1900s to the modern dairy cow today.”

Dohle said she’s glad to see fairgoers back to eating ice cream and visiting the butter cow after most of the fair was cancelled last year.

Stacey Dohle Interview