Dairy group wants Dairy Donation Program finalized


Dairy group wants Dairy Donation Program finalized

The President and CEO of the National Milk Producers Federation says Washington has several important business items that remain unfinished.  Jim Mulhern tells Brownfield that includes the final steps in completing the Dairy Donation Program. “The regulations have been put together by the Department of Agriculture. We’re awaiting approval right now at the Office of Management and Budget, which is kind of the last stop in that process. Hopefully, that gets done in the next few weeks here, and we’ll be able to have the program and all of the rules and regulations announced.”

Mulhern says the Dairy Donation Program was approved by Congress in December to provide 400-million dollars for dairy processors to work with food banks to get dairy products to food-insecure people across the country.

Mulhern says donations already given in 2021 will not be left out of the program, even without the final rules in place. “USDA has already said that any donations made by co-ops, made by processors to food banks already so far this year, they’ll be able to submit those to the department for potential reimbursement of some of the costs.”

Mulhern says National Milk is also asking Congress to consider additional assistance for dairy producers for 2020 losses in Class One milk sales.