Nebraska farmer says harvest is less than a month away


Nebraska farmer says harvest is less than a month away

An East-Central Nebraska farmer says harvest isn’t far off. “Combines could be going around here, gosh, three or four weeks pretty easy.”

Mitch Oswald, a corn and soybean grower near Aurora, says some of his corn sustained major wind damage in July where fields either had green snap or goosenecked stalks. “For sure want to get that stuff out earlier just because it’s been through a lot of stress with the stalk,” Oswald says. “Harvest standability might not be there completely now just because the damage it took early on so we just have to make sure we can get in there when it’s time to go and hopefully we don’t have any weather delays.”

But, Oswald tells Brownfield his soybeans are another story. “They’re filling out pods very well, obviously they’re still green from top-to-bottom and we have a lot of been acres, so we have to be some-what optimistic about beans this year.”

He says many cloudy days in August last year hurt beans filling pods but that’s not the case this year with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures.