Missouri FFA steps up to pack meals


Missouri FFA steps up to pack meals

Missouri FFA members spent their Tuesday packing meals for foodbanks.

Missouri Farmers Care’s Drive to Feed Kids Program featured a food drive at the state fair to help food insecure residents across the state.

Missouri State FFA Vice President Chris Ebbesmeyer tells Brownfield the food drive will help Missourians across the state pointing to one in five Missouri children being food insecure.

“Those children need that access to different food products, and this is 200,000 different meals that those kids are going to have access to that they didn’t originally,” Ebbesmeyer said. “So, I feel like the impact is going to be on a really personal level for those Missourians.”

He said the goal is to pack 200,000 meals…

“You don’t really understand how many that is until you see the number of meals going through the lines and the different boxes that are stacking up continuously,” he said. “And, I mean, we’re going to be at this all day to get to that 200,000 [meal] mark.”

Ebbesmeyer said the meal target was increased to 200,000 for the state’s bicentennial and was made possible through sponsors like Brownfield.