Consumers connect with farmers at Illinois State Fair


Consumers connect with farmers at Illinois State Fair

A variety of farmers are taking the stage to tell their story at the 2021 Illinois State Fair.

Raghela Scavuzzo with the Illinois Specialty Growers Association tells Brownfield they are highlighting an Illinois farmer every day of the fair in partnership with the Illinois Farm Bureau in the Illinois Department of Agriculture tent.

“The whole idea of events like the state fair is for people to understand where their food comes from and to understand the diversity of our state. We want people to know what is out there, so we are highlighting everything from conventional corn and soybean farms to specialty crops across all generations so that people can understand how this impacts their home communities, both rural and urban, and get to know a farmer and why they do what they do.”

She says she has been pleasantly surprised and pleased with the amount of consumer to farmer interaction in the tent.

“People seem to be interested, they are asking questions and engaging with the farmers. It is also an opportunity for our farmers to think about how they want to tell their story. They don’t always get the chance to get up in front of people to explain how and why they farm, so I think it is beneficial for both of them”. 

Meet the Farmer presentations are scheduled at 12:30 each day of the Illinois State Fair, which runs through August 22nd.

Interview with Raghela Scavuzzo