Tennessee crops in need of a rain


Tennessee crops in need of a rain

Rain is needed across most of Tennessee, especially as temperatures have been mostly in the 90s.  The combination is adding stress to crops and pastures. 

Corn is 89% in the dough stage, with 58% dented, and 79% rated good to excellent.  Cotton is 95% is squaring and 75% is setting bolls, with 3% opening bolls, and 65% of the crop is rated good to excellent.  Soybeans are 91% blooming, 74% setting pods, with 73% rated good to excellent.  Tobacco is rated 60% good to excellent with 82% of the crop topped. 

Pasture conditions continue to decline with 51% rated good to excellent.

Topsoil moisture is 64% and subsoil moisture is 68% adequate to surplus.