Michigan Farm Bureau supportive of infrastructure bill


Michigan Farm Bureau supportive of infrastructure bill

A Farm Bureau leader says what’s in the U.S. Senate infrastructure package is just as important as what’s not.

Legislative Counsel for Michigan Farm Bureau Andrew Vermeesch tells Brownfield their organization is happy to see the legislation doesn’t have any unnecessary tax burdens on farmers like with potential changes to stepped-up basis.

“I think that’s huge to not have a huge tax increase for farmers or anybody else at this time as we’re kind of navigating coming out of this pandemic,” he shares.

He says the bill also makes hours of service for livestock haulers more flexible. “I think this allows for livestock haulers to be able to move more freely in a more humane way,” he says.

Vermeesch says hard infrastructure investments will better connect farmers with markets and improve their competitiveness, but benefits will be far-reaching and uses improvements in food quality and reduced food waste as examples.

“You take a load of tomatoes to its destination and hit a bunch of potholes, that can really damage a lot of the produce,” he explains.  “

Vermeesch says the U.S. House could pick the infrastructure discussion up as early as next week.