La Niña weather pattern could return this winter


La Niña weather pattern could return this winter

A La Niña watch is in effect, and Indiana State Climatologist Beth Hall says conditions could return this fall and winter.

“If we see another La Niña, this would be two years in a row and we’ll probably start off with December being very mild and not very snowy or wet,” she says. “And then in January or February when we do see more of our winter precipitation, it may be more rain as opposed to snow which could impact the soils.”

A La Niña climate pattern develops in the Pacific Ocean and can impact weather conditions worldwide.

“Historically, if we were to average all the past La Niña winters, we do see temperatures are above normal and precipitation can be above normal but the timing is everything. That heavy precipitation will be later in the winter season if not early spring,” she says.

Brownfield interviewed Hall during a recent Purdue University panel at the Indiana State Fair.