Chinn says Missouri lucky not to be in drought


Chinn says Missouri lucky not to be in drought

Missouri has had its weather challenges this growing season but the state’s ag director says, compared to many other farmers, Missouri is lucky this year.

Ag Director Chris Chinn, who spoke with Brownfield Ag News at the Missouri State Fair, says quite a few farmers have reported damage from recent storms and high winds. “It’s really disappointing for them to watch that crop grow and then one windy night it knocks it all down. So we’ve heard some stories of that which is devastating. Some of them have lost roofs off their barns. Some of them have lost barns because of the high winds.”

Chinn says the very wet spring caused late planning in many areas and some crops are struggling – while other farmers have had perfect growing conditions.

“North of us, they’re seeing a lot of droughts and they’re having to liquidate some of their cattle herds and that’s devastating. When you look at what other states are going through we feel very lucky here in the state of Missouri to not have to be facing that challenge again this year.”

Brownfield interviewed Director Chinn in the historic Administration Building at the 2021 Missouri State Fair in Sedalia during Farm Family Day on Monday.

The state fair runs through August 22, 2021.

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