Another hot and dry week across Minnesota


Another hot and dry week across Minnesota

The latest weekly crop report for Minnesota looks familiar.

USDA says while some parts of the state received beneficial moisture, dry and hot conditions left most areas in need of rain.

Topsoil and subsoil moisture levels are both rated 84 percent short to very short.

Corn condition ratings declined slightly to 35 percent good to excellent, with corn dented at 13 percent.  Reports of corn being chopped for silage are also coming in.

Soybean condition ratings fell from 34 to 29 percent good to excellent.  The seven percent of soybeans turning color is the highest percentage at this point in the growing season since 1988.

The spring wheat harvest is at 92 percent, oats are at 86 percent, and barley is 92 percent harvested.

Sugarbeet acreage considered good to excellent remains around 70 percent.

And the second cutting of alfalfa reached 92 percent.