VIDEO: How Musco made the MLB Field of Dreams come true

[photo courtesy Musco Lighting]

Few fields have as rich a history as the Field of Dreams in Dyersville.

When Major League Baseball decided to hold its first-ever game at the Field of Dreams movie site on Thursday between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees, expectations were high for the ballgame that would make fans’ visions a reality.

A new field needed to be built that would not only conform to MLB standards but also be ready for broadcast and deliver a fan experience like no other.

Knowing that Musco lit the original Field of Dreams movie over 30 years ago, and having trusted Musco to illuminate several Major League stadiums since then, MLB turned to Musco to provide lighting for its first-ever ballgame in the state of Iowa.

“Over the years, working with Musco, we’ve had them help us out with a lot of projects around the world and they’ve always been there for us, coming through with the project to make sure the lights were right where they need to be for every sporting event we’ve set up. It was great knowing that Musco was here for the original movie, and it’s the obvious choice that they’ll be here for this event, too,” said Murray Cook, President, BrightView Sports Turf Division.

The newly‑created field was equipped with Musco’s Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ system complete with BallTracker™ technology, which creates a nighttime environment where the white of the ball visually pops, enabling players to see and track it better than ever before.

To take the game to the next level, MLB opted for Musco’s Show‑Light+ Entertainment Package® to create a fan experience that lives up to the movie magic.