Cattle industry commits to climate neutrality by 2040


Cattle industry commits to climate neutrality by 2040

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has announced sustainability goals for the cattle industry, and they say they want to be climate neutral by 2040. 

James Vaughn, a Georgia cattleman and a member of the NCBA’s task force on sustainability says in order for cattle producers to meet these goals they have to be economically viable.  “The existence of a positive business climate is imperative to ensure that cattle producers remain in business and continue to provide superior societal and conservation value,” he says. 

AUDIO: James Vaugh, Georgia

Missouri cattlemen and president-elect of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association Bruce Mershon says America’s farmers and ranchers have to help shape the sustainability conversation. “I’m looking at it with a glass half full,” he says.  “We have an opportunity to tell our story on how we’re rotationally grazing and how we’re capturing carbon, how we are doing everything we can do to be efficient in the feeding sector, and to make sure we’re reusing our nutrients in a quality way.”

AUDIO: Bruce Mershon, Missouri

There are three pillars to sustainability, economic, environmental, and social.  NCBA is working to create and enhance opportunities that result in a quantifiable increase in producer profitability and economic sustainability by 2025, enhance trust in cattle producers as responsible stewards of their animals.  They’re also working to continuously improve the industry’s workforce safety and well-being.