Cash cattle market slow but steady. Cash hogs are steady to weak

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Cash cattle market slow but steady. Cash hogs are steady to weak

Direct cash cattle trade is slow, but steady. Cash hogs are steady to weak.

The cattle market is slow Thursday after Wednesday’s light to moderate trade in the South, and light business in the North. On the other hand, packer inquiry is expected to improve today. Asking prices are around $122 plus in the South, and $200 plus in the North. So far this week in the South, live deals are in a range of $119 to $122, mostly $121. That’s generally steady with last week. Northern dressed trade is light, from $198 to as high as $204 on some special cattle.

Boxed beef is sharply higher this morning. Choice boxes are up $4.63 at $315.43. Selects are up $1.62 at $289.61.

At the Hub City Livestock Auction yesterday, in Aberdeen, South Dakota, there were 3,584 feeder cattle. Compared to last week, the best market test was on 800-pound to 1,000-pound steers, and 800-pound to 900-pound heifers. They were mostly steady on good to very good demand for cattle just off grass, showing light to moderate flesh. They were mostly attractive quality cattle on an active market. This is in South Dakota where some areas had rain over the weekend, however it’s still mostly hot and dry. Producers in some areas are chopping corn. Feed availability is a factor.

Medium and Large #1 Steers, 290 head of 808-847 pounds brought $159.25 to $163.00.

692 steers weighing 916 pounds to 949 pounds brought $146.50 to $157.75.

Medium and Large #1 Heifers, 501 head weighing 904 pounds to 949 pounds brought $135.75 to $147.50.

Cash hogs opened steady to lower.

National Direct Barrows and gilts are 15 cents lower on 3,365 head, selling on a weighted average of $97.45.

Butcher hogs at Dorchester, Wisconsin, 470 head, are steady at $70.00.

Illinois Direct Slaughter Sows and Boars are steady, with good demand for heavy weight sows. There are 1200 head. Sows weighing up to 500 pounds, $69.00 to $81.00; over 500 pounders bring $80.00 to $85.00. Lighter boars are $45.00 to $50.00, but those over 300 pounds are $10.00 to $20.00.

Wholesale pork is sharply higher. Carcasses are up $7.81 at $130.21.