AEM pleased with infrastructure bill


AEM pleased with infrastructure bill

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers is pleased the bipartisan infrastructure bill is another step closer to the finish line.  

Kate Fox Wood is the director of government relations.  

“We’re very pleased to see that there was such widespread support among both parties,” she says. “It was a recognition that this is something that is critical to keep the American economy competitive globally.”

She tells Brownfield it will help keep the manufacturing industry competitive.

“The bipartisan infrastructure bill, according to our estimates and data, would add up to 100,000 jobs in the equipment manufacturing over the next two-three years and on top of that, an additional 500,000 manufacturing jobs,” she says. “…The fact that we had 69 senators recognize the impact the bill would have on AEM’s members is a huge step forward for this push for comprehensive infrastructure legislation.”  

She says AEM is pleased the package includes a long-term reauthorization of the federal highway program.

“For the industry, it’s essentially the bread and butter of what makes up our business, at least on the construction side,” she says. “It’s critical for our member companies operating in rural areas to upgrade and maintain the infrastructure needed to move whole product from factory to customer. It also brings benefits to the agricultural community and its ability to move product and commodities on rail, road, and along inland waterways. The long term reauthorization is going to provide the predictability and stability from top to bottom that we need.”

The infrastructure bill will go to the House for consideration.

Fox Wood says there are some indications the House will be back in session around August 23.

“The House is currently in their district work period during the month of August and the fact they’re coming back early shows there is a sense of urgency,” she says. “…there is a certain amount of momentum with what the Senate and administration have done with the current bill, and we need to continue that momentum in the House. There is a lot of talk about the budget resolution and the connected budget reconciliation package democrats are pushing. But, we would really like to see the House take up the infrastructure package first before they move forward with the budget resolution or reconciliation package and we’re going to be communicating those things to the House in the days and weeks ahead.”  

Audio: Kate Fox Wood