Missouri State Fair offers online livestock health check-in


Missouri State Fair offers online livestock health check-in

Missouri State Fair livestock exhibitors will be able to speed up animal health checks at this year’s fair. Missouri State Veterinarian Steve Strubberg tells Brownfield Ag News there is a new voluntary animal health check-in form available before arrival on the fairgrounds.  

“It is voluntary but if folks want to fill that out for us online we’ll submit it we will get those emails rather timely and then be able to prepare for the check-in. It’s going to help us have our staff better allocated.”

Strubberg said livestock check-in locations have mostly remained the same, but…

“We are trying to maybe meet people a little bit sooner and be there as they’re unloading their animals so we can get them checked right away and make sure they have arrived healthy and then they can go on about their business.” 

Strubberg said there haven’t been issues with early check-ins, crediting growing biosecurity practices on farms.