Adding value to the beef industry through sustainability


Adding value to the beef industry through sustainability

An ag economist says there is an opportunity for cattle producers to benefit from the sustainability movement.

Dustin Aherin with RaboResearch says the current focus on sustainability could bring another level of profitability to the beef industry.  “Whether that’s company’s building a brand around sustainable beef or working with new technologies, more data collection, and information,” he says.  “And being able to become more cost-efficient and capitalize on those cost efficiencies as well.”

He tells Brownfield capitalizing on potential incentives doesn’t mean making significant changes to producer operations, it’s more about documentation and traceability.  “It’s communicating that and being able to trace that practice all the way through the supply chain and try and get some premiums off those practices,” he says.  

AUDIO: Dustin Aherin, RaboResearch