MO crop conditions bounce back


MO crop conditions bounce back

Missouri crop conditions improved across the board last week under cool, dry conditions. 

The USDA says more than two thirds of the state’s corn has reached the dough stage and four percent has dented. Seventy percent of the crop is rated good to excellent, up four percent from last week. 

Soybean blooming reached 78 percent and nearly half of the crop is setting pods. Missouri’s soybean condition improved to 62 percent good to excellent. 

Ninety percent of the cotton crop is setting bolls and the crop improved eight percent to 56 percent good to excellent.

Rice heading is nine percent ahead of last year at 60 percent. The crop’s condition improved to 70 percent good to excellent. 

Seventy-four percent of Missouri’s pastures are rated good to excellent. Topsoil is 79 percent adequate and two percent surplus. The state’s subsoil is 89 percent adequate and three percent surplus.