Dairy industry looks beyond borders for next 5%


Dairy industry looks beyond borders for next 5%

The Chairman of the National Milk Producers Federation’s Young Dairy Cooperative says trade continues to be a top concern for the industry.

Michigan dairy farmer James Weber milks just shy of 200 cows and tells Brownfield if the country’s dairy industry wants to produce more milk, it needs a market outside of the U.S.

“We have goals to export 20 percent of our product and beyond that because our industry is still growing production within this country, and our domestic market has kind of reached a max right now,” he says.

Weber is excited to see growth in the Asian Pacific region but says he’d like to see the U.S. Canada Mexico Agreement upheld.

The U.S. Dairy Export Council says about 15 percent of the county’s milk production is currently exported.  Export volumes last year set a record and were up 10 percent compared to 2019.