Widespread heat wave driving markets, no end in sight


Widespread heat wave driving markets, no end in sight

A long-standing heatwave in the high plains that has proven detrimental to livestock operations and spring grains continues to drive the markets with no sign of relief.

“It has been a monstrous heatwave weather pattern not fit for man nor beast.”

Brownfield Meteorologist Greg Soulje says in some cases the heat has killed off spring wheat, barley and pastureland rattling the markets.

“There’s just no way to make up those losses, whether it be harvest potential or livestock numbers, anytime soon. We may have to move into late summer if not fall before there is any opportunity to get some additional recharge from rain, So, the damage is essentially done.”

He says the heatwave is expected to spread southeast by next week bringing 100-degree temperatures to Iowa and Minnesota and pushing parts of Wisconsin into the upper 90’s.

“Some of the worst drought areas of the corn belt are going to be in line for even further reduction on the corn and bean side because of that heat. Rainfall looks to be pretty marginalizing, even in the eastern corn belt locales several days of low to mid 90’s as we build into the middle and late parts of next week and beyond.”

He says the lack of rain in forecast means smoke from western wildfires will continue to cover parts of the corn belt blocking sunlight from growing crops, but with the extreme heat, Soulje says that insulation from the sun could be helpful in areas with far too much or too little moisture.