MO farmers begin recovery after mass wind damages


MO farmers begin recovery after mass wind damages

Two northeastern Missouri farmers are counting their blessings after a severe storm caused mass damages to their farm. Husband and wife Ron and Michelle Lehenbauer say they feel fortunate no people or livestock were hurt after 70 to 90 mile per hour winds caused damage to much of their farm earlier this month.

Ron Lehenbaur said four grain bins and several barn roofs were destroyed…

“But probably the worst thing was the corn that was tasseling is anywhere from 30 to 90 percent broke over and gone,” he said.

Michelle Lehenbaur said it will take quite some time to fully recover because materials to rebuild, like tin, are in short supply. But she tells Brownfield many hands are making light work.

“Your neighbors and friends and acquaintances, they all pitch in and offer to help, and we’ve been helping each other,” Michelle said.

The Lehenbaurs said they are still assessing the impact from the storm and neighbors have offered to use drones to scout their fields looking for debris and crop damage.

Ron and Michelle Lehenbauer Interview