John Deere now offering free machine data tracking


John Deere now offering free machine data tracking

John Deere is now offering its JDLink connectivity service free of charge to farmers with compatible machinery.

John Deere’s Jenni Badding said additional changes to the service like removing extra steps to activate the subscription and placing all enrolled equipment under the same subscription will give farmers more peace of mind.

“They’ve got enough to worry about whether it’s weather [or] short windows to get into the field,” she said. “We’re just removing one of those barriers, so they don’t have to worry. They enable it for as long as they choose and be ready for when the field conditions are right to get in and go.”

The JD-Link Connectivity service allows farmers to share data with advisors, track machine maintenance and performance, and manage machinery from anywhere.

Badding said the updated service provides greater value to farmers.

“The value of going and enabling the service on their machine would be the ability to have a pulse on their farming operation anytime anywhere; you can download the Operations Center mobile app and be able to keep an eye on progress in the field [and] make decisions quickly using that app,” Badding said.

She said the app receives bimonthly updates for improvements based on user feedback with the next update coming in September.

Badding said John Deere is phasing out 3G service compatibility this year and encourages remaining farmers to upgrade to 4G capabilities to operate the JD-Link service.

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