ASA strongly supports bipartisan infrastructure bill


ASA strongly supports bipartisan infrastructure bill

The CEO of the American Soybean Association, Steve Censky, says they strongly support the bipartisan infrastructure bill in Congress which has a LOT of funding for broadband.

“I think it was $65-Billion for broadband which is needed,” Censky says. “I mean, USDA has been investing with their Reconnect program. The FCC has had around $10-Billion for rural America, I believe it was. But this would be a significant bump up.”

Censky, a Trump administration USDA official, says the current funding pace won’t solve the rural broadband problem.

Censky says, “It’ll be many years, if not decades, before we bring broadband to all the areas that need it. So I think a significant infusion of capital like that is needed.”

He says the infrastructure bill does not contain what he calls “poison” tax provisions like a step up in basis which is another reason ASA supports it. Censky was a guest on the AGree-hosted panel on data innovation.