Cocktail forage mixes proving beneficial


Cocktail forage mixes proving beneficial

A Michigan dairy farmer says choosing drought-tolerant forage varieties this spring when discussions of dry weather were beginning is paying off.

James Weber tells Brownfield this year his family planted a cocktail mix of forages including sorghum-sudangrass for dry conditions and other varieties suitable for wet weather.

“We just tried to offset or hedge our risk a little bit in the sense that we’ll still have a good forage crop,” he explains.

The Frankenmuth farmer says the mix is helping considering the season has brought both dry and wet extremes.

“When you have swings like that, there’s a lot of stress and worry, and really just trying to be on your toes with what kinds of options are available,” he says.

Weber this year is also participating in a cover crop pilot through Michigan Milk Producers Association to capture carbon and find alternative forage solutions.