MO State Fair makes facility upgrades


MO State Fair makes facility upgrades

The Missouri State Fair will showcase several facility upgrades for fairgoers to enjoy this year. Missouri Ag Director Chris Chinn said one of the most needed upgrades was the sheep pavilion.

“It was something that was kind of an eye sore for the Missouri State Fair,” she said. “And now, that is one of the nicest facilities on the state [fairgrounds]. It’s got a bathroom on site [and] it’s been really great for those families who are showing in the sheep pavilion.”

The Governor’s Ham Breakfast will be hosted in the newly built Nucor Director’s Pavilion. Missouri State Fair Director Mark Wolfe tells Brownfield the 20,000 square foot structure was the result of a new sponsorship from steel manufacturer Nucor.

“Boy, you love partners like that coming along,” he said. “It’s just really, really nice over there and we’ve got a lot of other work planned over in that area too for additional handicap restrooms and things like that.”

Other improvements include new gutter systems and electrical updates to the horse and swine barns and the addition of 137 powered camp sites.