New beef processing facility planned for western Iowa


New beef processing facility planned for western Iowa

A group of cattle producers intends to break ground on a new beef packing plant in western Iowa next spring.

Project manager Chad Tentinger tells Brownfield Cattlemen’s Heritage is planning to build a $325 million facility that will be capable of processing 1,500 head per-day.

“We’ve expanded a lot of the capacity on the growing side of cattle throughout this region and keep adding more and more cattle back into the system, which is a great thing (because) more young men and women are staying on the farm. But we’ve outpaced the capacity of the packers, to date.”

The plant will be built near Interstate 29 along the Mills and Pottawattamie county line.

“We’re close to a large metro for a workforce, we’re centralized around a lot of cattle, and it’s easy access right off an interstate (so) it’s a good site that way.”

Tentinger says the Cattlemen’s Heritage beef processing facility will employee around 750 people with an estimated annual economic impact of $1.1 billion.  He expects the plant to begin operations in the winter of 2023.