Beef producer encourages conversations with consumers


Beef producer encourages conversations with consumers

An Illinois beef producer is encouraging fellow farmers to get involved and tell the positive story of the beef industry.

Lou Lamoreaux has a 250 -head cow/calf operation and feeds 2200 head of feeder cattle in Carroll County.  He tells Brownfield consumers are provided a lot of false and negative information that producers can easily clear up.

“These little towns have a radio station or a newspaper, don’t be afraid to write a letter to the editor when there is an article against beef producers. Share your story with your neighbors, friends, when you go to the coffee shop or restaurant or church- jump in and tell them the positive benefits of beef.”

He says for example, some consumers believe that the producer is increasing beef prices to make more money, but don’t understand the prices are increasing along the supply chain at the packer and shipping levels.

“When the price of fuel goes up, all consumer items go up because every item on a grocery store shelf travels an average of 1200 miles and it takes gas and diesel to do that. We as a producer, did not raise our prices and we are not getting more for our product and we need to help people understand that. Not to cry about it, just to make them aware when they say ‘the farmer is getting rich’, that is not the case.”

Brownfield interviewed Lamoreaux during the Illinois Beef Association Summer Conference earlier this month.