4R Plus launches “On the Plus Side” initiative


4R Plus launches “On the Plus Side” initiative

A nutrient management and conservation program is inviting farmers to share how they are working to protect the productivity of the land.

Paige Frautschy with The Nature Conservancy says Iowa-based 4R Plus has launched a new initiative called “On the Plus Side.”

“And it’s all about getting farmers involved in telling the story of 4R Plus practices on their farms.”

The 4R Plus program is guided by a coalition of more than 50 agribusiness, conservation, and trade organizations, as well as government agencies and academic institutions.

Farmers can follow 4R Plus on Twitter and Facebook to highlight the benefits of adding in-field and edge-of-field practices.

“Farmers can share pictures of practices that they use, talk about their Plus Sides. We have kind of a network of 4R Plus farmers that we highlight with blogs and stories throughout the growing season.”

She tells Brownfield some of the “plus sides” farmers have reported include increased organic matter, fewer fertilizer applications, improved water quality, and reduced fuel and equipment costs.