SD cattle producer concerned about water supplies


SD cattle producer concerned about water supplies

A cattle producer in South Dakota says they’re sitting okay for feed but he’s concerned about water supplies for his cattle in this drought.

Jason Frerichs, in northeast South Dakota, says most of their pastures are spring fed or have dugouts.

“I’m sure it’s going to change things whether or not we can leave them out there, aside from even the forage growth. But, watering and water in those pastures in those pastures will be JUST as important as the forage availability.”

He says his pasture conditions are average to a little below average.

“We haven’t had to adjust anything too much other than just be a little more strategic on which pastures we use first and then hope to get some moisture and move along the other grasses in those pastures that need a little more help.”

Because of a mild winter, he says, they didn’t have to feed a lot of hay although more snow would have helped with water supplies.

Interview with Jason Frerichs