Soil moisture levels are a growing concern in Wisconsin


Soil moisture levels are a growing concern in Wisconsin

Wisconsin farmers were able to do field work every day last week, but there are growing concerns about soil moisture levels.  Topsoil moisture is 36% short and 23% very short, with only 40% of topsoil reported as adequate.  Subsoil moisture is 35% short and 16% very short.  The southeastern part of the state has the driest conditions with 69% of topsoil being very short of moisture.  USDA reporters say only north-central Wisconsin received significant rain in the week ending Sunday.

Corn is rated 71% good to excellent, down five percent from last week.  Soybeans are 65% good to excellent, which was down seven percentage points.

Seventy four percent of oats are in good to excellent condition with southern Wisconsin oats beginning to color.

Potatoes are 85% good to excellent, with many fields already flowering.

Eighty-four percent of winter wheat is heading, with 13% coloring and an overall good to excellent rating of 81%.

Hay and pasture conditions fell from last week, with all hay rated 63% good to excellent and pastures down 10 points to 58% good to excellent.