National Pork Board encourages producers to opt into AgView


National Pork Board encourages producers to opt into AgView

The National Pork Board is encouraging producers to opt into a voluntary technology solution to help the industry better respond in the event of a foreign animal disease outbreak. 

National Pork Board chief veterinarian Dr. Dave Pyburn says AgView was developed by the Pork Checkoff with producers and veterinarians in mind.

“It pulls together information that producers have based on their premises, their information on pig movement, and then Secure Pork Supply information as well that ties back to premises. But all that information, especially that movement information, is needed by state veterinarians when there’s a foreign animal disease response.”

Iowa pork producer Al Wulfekuhl, who chairs the National Swine Disease Council, tells Brownfield AgView makes recordkeeping simple and secure.

“We’re already putting our movement records in (and) already had our premises all recorded. So for us there’s no extra work to doing it, and it’s all about helping the state veterinarian in time of a foreign animal disease find the virus quickly, trace its movements, and stamp it out.”

Brownfield spoke to Pyburn and Wulfekuhl Wednesday during the World Pork Expo in Des Moines.