STC wants focused bipartisan infrastructure deal


STC wants focused bipartisan infrastructure deal

The head of the Soy Transportation Coalition says they would really like to see a bipartisan deal reached on infrastructure between the White House and GOP negotiators. Mike Steenhoek tells Brownfield Ag News,

“I do think there’s a real bipartisan opportunity for a win for both the President and Congress. It’s available if they want to embrace it.”

Steenhoek says his hope is, “Whatever’s produced IS more focused on more traditional infrastructure like roads and bridges and highways and interstates, and, even extending to broadband and water treatment and those kind of things that American people can really rally around and I think the American people want something like that.”

Republicans argue Biden’s infrastructure plan is too broad. Republicans have come up and the White House has come down but both sides remain far apart. One of the other big differences is how to pay for an infrastructure improvement plan.