RFA: ethanol, DDGS exports down on month


RFA: ethanol, DDGS exports down on month

U.S. ethanol exports during April were 112.7 million gallons, a decrease of 15% from March. The Renewable Fuels Association says month to month declines for Canada, India, and China canceled out a more than two year high for South Korea, an eight year high for Finland, and a six-month high for Mexico, along with increases for Peru and Saudi Arabia. Year to date exports are 512 million gallons, 9% behind the year ago pace.

Exports of distillers dried grains with solubles were 862,736 tons, 2% lower than the previous month, with Mexico taking the top slot for the seventh month in a row, even as the volume of sales declined. The other top markets were Vietnam, South Korea, Turkey, Indonesia.

The RFA says there have been no significant U.S. ethanol imports this year, the slowest since 2017.