Cattle industry has Washington’s attention


Cattle industry has Washington’s attention

Empty shelves during the pandemic and supply chain disruptions from the JBS cyberattack have caught the attention of national policymakers.

Vice President of Government Affairs for the National Cattleman’s Beef Association Ethan Lane tells Brownfield, “This is really starting to hit home. In agriculture a lot of times we tend to feel like we are not front and center in the DC conversation because so many other things are happening. Believe me, we have everyone’s attention right now.”

Lane says the administration is asking how they can help, and NCBA is working on increasing and diversifying packing capacity and cattle market transparency, but they need the help of producers.

“Members of congress what to know what they are thinking and feeling and what is impacting their operations. I cannot express how important that is. When I talk to members of congress every day, they tell me about the conversations they are having with producers in their back yard. They are hearing those stories, so keep them coming. This is exactly what we need in order to get some things done in Washington.”

Brownfield interviewed Lane during the Illinois Beef Association Summer Conference in Peoria.

Interview with Ethan Lane