Late May frost bites Iowa farmer


Late May frost bites Iowa farmer

A late May frost has forced a north Iowa farmer to replant more than half his soybean acres.

Wayne Fredericks of Osage tells Brownfield overnight temperatures fell below freezing May 28th.

“And by evening, you could go out and look at your corn and soybeans and see the leaves that got frosted starting to die back. So I proceeded to look, measure, and monitor that damage over the next few days.”

He says the frost was widespread and Fredericks finished replanting approximately 55 percent of his soybeans over the weekend.

“Most of the headlands were good, usually the higher laying parts of the field had sufficient populations to leave. Typically the frost tends to settle into the lower areas of the fields, and those most definitely were most often replanted.”

Fredericks says the crop insurance product he uses covered the cost of replanting, but the affected soybeans lost a month of growth.