High oleic soybean varieties gaining popularity


High oleic soybean varieties gaining popularity

John Jansen with the United Soybean Board says high oleic soybean varieties are becoming more popular with farmers.

Jansen tells Brownfield about 600,000 acres of high oleic soybeans are being planted this year with 20 percent being non-GMO.

“We expect next year to break that million-acre mark and add about 500,000 [acres] each year for the foreseeable future,” he said.

Jansen said high oleic soybean varieties allow farmers to produce a premium product with the same yielding potential.

“It’s an attractive way for a farmer to make additional revenue that they would have with very little additional effort,” he said.

Jansen said soybean oil from high oleic soybeans has a vast range of applications with the ability of replacing petroleum in things like motor oil while increasing product longevity.