NGFA outlines priorities to transform America’s harvest


NGFA outlines priorities to transform America’s harvest

The head of the National Grain and Feed Association says waterways remain their number one priority for infrastructure support.

Mike Seyfert tells Brownfield the closure of the I-40 bridge in Memphis last month highlights how fragile the transportation system is and the need for investment.

“U.S. agribusiness, U.S. agricultural producers need to know that we’re going to be able to have a stable, consistent, and dependable infrastructure system,” he says.

The organization is celebrating its 125th year at their annual convention this week, and Seyfert says the need for reliable infrastructure and supply chains has remained a challenge throughout their history. 

“The association has always been focused on the grain trade, moving product, and the transportation sector to do it, and free markets,” he says.

Other key areas Seyfert says moving forward include diversity and inclusion, protecting land through working lands programs, safety, and strengthening the global food supply.