Emerging soybean variety reshaping the food sector


Emerging soybean variety reshaping the food sector

An emerging soybean variety is reshaping the food sector.

John Jansen with the United Soybean Board says soybean oil from high oleic non-GMO soybean variety, Soyleic has the same health value as olive oil with better longevity than most frying oils. He tells Brownfield Soyleic holds a minimum of 75 percent oleic fatty acids with less than three percent linolenic fatty acids boosting the product’s stability.

“Soy, canola, cotton, corn; those products are pretty much exhausted in the heavy food service application within three to five days,” he said. “This product fries for 10 to 15 days without needing changeover.”

Jansen said using Soyleic soybean oil in food chains will have a large environmental benefit since less oil will need to be used.

He said the high oleic soybean product will also help remove additives from foods.

“You can still reach that grocery store 12-to-18-month shelf life on finished foods without additives that consumers don’t want,” he said.

Jansen said Soyleic has been in development for more than eight years through original research at the University of Missouri. Soyleic is supported by a partnership between the soy checkoff and Missouri soybean checkoff.

John Jansen Interview