Select Sires leaders propose unification


Select Sires leaders propose unification

Farmer leaders of Ohio-based Select Sires are proposing to unify with five of its six member cooperatives across the U.S.

Following strategic planning efforts in 2016, All West/Select Sires, CentralStar Cooperative Inc., COBA/Select Sires Inc., Select Sires MidAmerica Inc., and Minnesota Select Sires Co-op, Inc. have moved forward to combine resources and improve efficiencies for their dairy and beef customers.

Members of Premier Select Sires have voted to remain a Cooperative Member, which continues their access to the co-ops genetics and programs.

The decision keeps the nation’s largest global A.I. cooperative farmer-owned, allows farmers to continue earning patronage, and expands specialized services

The decision needs to be ratified by member delegates and member-owners and if approved, unification is expected by July 2022.