Ag meteorologist has late-season crop concerns


Ag meteorologist has late-season crop concerns

An agricultural meteorologist has some weather-related concerns about the 2021 crop later in the growing season.

Eric Snodgrass with Nutrien Ag Solutions tells Brownfield that even though planting dates were spread out in places like Illinois and Iowa, the cooler weather and cloud cover evened things out a bit putting many crops at the same growth stage.  “That got me thinking about what the weather might be during pollination if the majority of this crop kind of hits pollination at the same time for that corn crop, that could mean that short window when that happens, the weather conditions during that time period could really determine what the overall shape of this crop is going to be.”

Snodgrass says there are no indications June will have cooler-than-normal weather, in fact, he says the extremely hot conditions from the west will likely spread into the Midwest. “There is no longer-term blocking at this point setting up through the middle of June or even the end of June that’s going to shut down the gulf and just turn it off and go hot and dry, but there is some risk for July, August, September.”

Snodgrass says the midsummer and late summer drought risk will have a lot to do with ocean temperatures this summer.