MO farmer to replant if he can get back in the field


MO farmer to replant if he can get back in the field

A west central Missouri farmer says it’s been tough planting this spring between rains. Nathan Alpers tells Brownfield he’s going to replant much of his May planted corn.

“It just rotted in the ground,” he said. “[The] ground got saturated on these rains and it warmed up before it could get out of the ground.”

He said it would only take about three days to replant the necessary fields, but rainfall has made it difficult to string together multiple planting days.

Meanwhile, Alpers says his April planted corn looks good.

“When everybody was laughing that the corn was planted with the snow on the ground, that corn looks beautiful,” he said. “It came up [because] the ground wasn’t hot and warm, and the corn could last longer, and we didn’t have the great big rains that we’re getting now.”

He said it’s a stressful time for farmers as many are looking to plant corn into June.  Alpers said he’s halfway done with soybean planting.

Nathan Alpers Interview