Federal judge denies Bayer glyphosate settlement plan


Federal judge denies Bayer glyphosate settlement plan

A federal judge has rejected Bayer’s $2-Billion-dollar proposal to resolve future lawsuits that claim Roundup causes cancer. Bayer tells Brownfield Ag News the court decision has no impact on the availability of Roundup and farmers will continue to have access to its glyphosate-based products. Bayer says they still have legal and commercial options to mitigate future litigation risk and will quickly pursue them. Bayer says it stands by the safety of glyphosate and is committed to keeping it available for farmers.

Bayer says it will continue to be open to settlement discussions as long as claimants are qualified and resolutions can be reached “on appropriate terms.” And while it will stay in the residential market, it will engage with partners to discuss the future of its glyphosate products in that U.S. market as most of the lawsuits stem from the use of its lawn and garden products.

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