Dairy industry gaming efforts grow with Gen Z


Dairy industry gaming efforts grow with Gen Z

Generation Z will be a main focus of June Dairy Month marketing efforts this year as the industry uses gaming to make inroads with future customers.

Anne Warden with Dairy Management Inc. says with 90 percent of 10 to 23-year-olds gaming, it’s become a channel to contemporize the checkoff.

“Part of why we’re focusing on Gen Z is that they’re having a massive impact on how businesses operate and we’re going to need to be really adept at communicating with them in order to support dairy’s long-term future,” she says.

Minecraft gamer Jordan Maron, also known as “CaptainSparklez,” tells Brownfield he was impressed by his recent virtual dairy farm tour to learn about the process of producing milk.

“I didn’t know what the layout was on a dairy farm as to how the cows lived and it was nice to see that the cows have large areas that they’re able to move around—I was happy to see that aspect of it,” he says.

During June, a #BeatTheLag contest will partner with influencers to inspire dairy snacks that are sustaining for gamers, Fuel Up to Play 60 is launching on GoNoodle in partnership with the NFL to encourage physical activity for younger Gen Z-ers, and the industry is encouraging dairy farmers to take to their social channels starting with World Milk Day on June 1st.  

“We are tapping into young dairy farmers across the country to get on platforms that Gen Z loves, like TikTok, like Instagram, and introduce Gen Z to the next generation of dairy farmers,” Warden says.

The checkoff sees gaming as a communications channel, way gather consumer research and create occasions with younger audiences and plans to continue investing within the space moving forward.