Southeast Iowa farmer hopes to finish planting soon


Southeast Iowa farmer hopes to finish planting soon

A farmer in southwest Iowa hopes to finish soybean planting soon.

Jeff Jorgenson of Sidney says rains have kept him out of the field the last week and-a-half.

“We’ve had a few weather issues, some of it for us was part of the plan with some of the cover crops and grazing that we do with our cattle operation. So we’ve been wet (and) I haven’t done anything the last 11 days just because it rains a little bit almost every day it seems like.”

He tells Brownfield corn is coming along nicely.

“It’s as good as it could be to be honest. The little bit of rain that we got has softened the top of the soil profile and we really have good emergence (and) very consistent stands.”

Jorgenson currently serves as president of the Iowa Soybean Association and is in his first year serving on the American Soybean Association Board of Directors.

The USDA says as of Sunday, soybean planting in Iowa is more than two weeks ahead of normal at 89 percent complete.  Reporters say farmers in south-central and southeast Iowa still have at least 20 percent of their crop left to plant.