OIG says EPA improperly approved dicamba products in 2018


OIG says EPA improperly approved dicamba products in 2018

The EPA’s watchdog says the agency improperly approved registration for the three leading dicamba products in 2018.

The Office of Inspector General’s report, released Monday, says three senior administrative officials forced changes to or omitted scientific documentation about the products, some that addressed stakeholder risks.

Staff scientists at EPA told investigators that the senior officials were more involved in the dicamba decision than any other pesticide registration decisions.

The O-I-G report determined that the problems and errors made led to a federal appeals court vacating all three herbicide registrations last June.

The court found the registrations violated FIFRA by “substantially understating some risks and failing to acknowledge others entirely.”

Reports say the current EPA will work to resolve the issues that occurred during the last administration but that it stands by the 2020 reregistration of the dicamba products.