Fields continue to wait for rain


Fields continue to wait for rain

Michigan’s planting progress continues to run ahead of average because of ideal conditions, but rain will soon be desperately needed to help with germination.

Janna Fritz, head of the Michigan Soybean Committee, tells Brownfield precipitation has been limited over the past several weeks.

“It’s dry,” she says.  “A number of the soybeans out there have in fact not fully germinated and are waiting for a little bit of moisture.”

She says a lack of rain also means herbicides are less effective at knocking back weed pressure.

“Depending where you are in the state, I would say we are going to need a good drink of water here within the next week to get these soybeans up and going and active,” she says.

Michigan State University Extension ag meteorologist Jeff Andresen says the greatest changes for rain were over this past weekend and start of this week with slight chances for rain by the end of this week.  A warm and dry forecast is expected to persist through most of May.