Dry weather allows planting completion for South Dakota farmer


Dry weather allows planting completion for South Dakota farmer

Weather allowed an Upper Great Plains farmer to complete planting faster than has been possible the last couple of wet years. Finishing corn and soybean planting Wednesday, Jordan Scott says he is pleased with how fieldwork has gone this spring.

“This is one of the quicker years we’ve ever planted,” Scott told Brownfield Ag News, on the family farm near Valley Springs, South Dakota. “On Facebook you get notifications; a couple years back we were done a little earlier, but this one’s right in there.”

The last two seasons have been particularly wet for South Dakota farmers, so it was a relief that dry weather allowed Scott to be productive in a timely manner.

“The weather’s been perfect,” he said, “and we’ve just not had any major issues.”

Scott, the president of the South Dakota Soybean Association and the son of American Soybean Association President Kevin Scott, is especially pleased with the current price of the soybean crop.

“The market’s great,” Scott said with a tentative chuckle. “Oil used to be a waste product off of soybeans and now that’s the valuable part because there’s so many uses for it. That’s a good thing.”

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